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 -Electronics Product Design and Development-
 -Design for Manufacturing-
 -Software and HMI Design and Development-
 -Firmware Design and Development-
 -Maintenance and Support-
-Repair and Calibration Services for Geophysical Equipment-
-Embedded Engineering Consulting Services-
 -Integration of Complex Systems, Devices, Embedded Systems, Hardware and Software-
 -End to End Solution Involving Everything, Right from Concept to Working Prototype and its Implementation-

1. Complete life cycle of Electronic Product development including – Feasibility study from concept

– Prototype design and development
– Electronics hardware design, component identification and sourcing
– Firmware and software design and development
– Testing, validations of logic & rules and its implementation – Support for field testing
– Update and optimize design for manufacture-ability
– Production, programming, testing and repair
– Maintenance repair

2. Design for Manufacturing

– Modification of prototypes to optimize for production performance, SMT mounting
– Cost and inventory optimization
– Component sourcing and vendor development
– Support for development of test jig and production automation

3.  Software & HMI design, Development

– Configuration user interface for modification and tuning of configurable parameters
– Firmware upgrade software
– User Interface for setting of rules, initial parameters, data download, data view etc.
– Real time monitoring software
– Server software communicating with many devices and managing them
– Human Machine Interface or Man Machine Interface
– Web application and web server

4.  Firmware Development, application specific firmware design and development such as

– Implementation of application logic and business rules
– Development of device drivers
– PC interface and connectivity options
– Communication protocols support
– Fail-safe, reliable, independent blocks and self recovering approach
– Firmware upgrade provisions at site by end user and directly Configuration parameter modification options etc.

5.  Maintenance And Support

– Firmware and software maintenance, bug fixing and enhancements
– Redesign of Electronic Hardware, up-gradation and enhancements of Hardware
– Test qualification, assistance for calibration and certifications
– Installation and commissioning
– System and integration testing
– Verification and writing test procedures, regression testing, test automation, developing test jigs and PC based testing etc.

6.  Repair and Calibration Services For Geophysical Equipment

– Repair and Calibration validation for equipment such as Seismograph, Resistivity Meter (Terrameter), RadSys Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

7.  Embedded Engineering Consulting Services

– Suggesting best suited part, technology, protocols for the application
– Optimizing system design, components, inventory and cost